Amid Sanders-Warren Feud, Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Reportedly Higher Than Public Trust In Mass Media

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the American Airlines Center on September 14, 2015 in Dallas, Texas.

As the clash between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren continues to be fueled by media reports, progressive commentator Kyle Kulinski pointed out that a recent Gallup poll put Donald Trump’s approval rating at 45 percent. He noted that this number is higher than Americans’ trust in mass media, which was clocked at 41 percent in a previous Gallup poll in September.

“He’s more popular than the media,” Kulinski tweeted.

In the September survey, Gallup noted that Republicans’ trust remains at a low following Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, with just 15 percent saying they have trust and confidence in it. Conversely, 69 percent of Democrats said the same, highlighting the partisan divide.

“President Donald Trump’s description of the media as ‘the enemy of the people’ has undoubtedly colored the views of all Americans,” the pollster wrote.

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