CNN Slammed Over Coverage Of Joe Biden’s ‘You Ain’t Black’ Comment

CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s suggestion that African-Americans who don’t want to vote for him “ain’t black” has garnered a lot of attention but, apparently, not from CNN. As The Washington Examiner reported on Saturday, the network was slammed for not covering the scandal.

In a tweet, former CNN digital producer Steve Krakauer said that it has been “fascinating to watch how left-leaning cable networks have covered” Biden’s comments. Krauker pointed out that MSNBC has extensively covered the controversy, with Chuck Todd interviewing Biden adviser Symone Sanders

“CNN hasn’t mentioned it once,” he wrote.

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley similarly opined that Biden is not being adequately scrutinized by the media for making the controversial comments. “Crickets on CNN and other sites thus far. Biden remains constructively bunkered by the media from fallout for outrageous comments,” Turley wrote.

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