Former Federal Prosecutor Pokes Holes In Donald Trump Plan To Block John Bolton Testimony

President Donald Trump walks toward Marine One before departing the White House.

In an interview broadcast on Saturday, President Donald Trump suggested that he would block his former national security adviser, John Bolton, for testifying in the United States Senate’s impeachment trial. Trump, he told Fox News, would block Bolton from testifying “for the sake of the office,” invoking executive privilege.

Trump’s argument does not hold water, according to former federal prosecutor Cynthia Alksne, who poked holes in the president’s plan to block the testimony during an appearance on MSNBC, per Raw Story.

Speaking with host Geoff Bennett, Alksne explained that Trump’s vow to block Bolton not only suggests that the president is concerned about what his former adviser might tell Congress, but also reveals that the White House has a warped understanding of executive privilege.

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