Gervonta Davis Reveals What He’s Doing During Coronavirus Quarantine

Everyone across the world is facing a challenge dealing with the impact of the coronavirus. Even if you’re blessed enough to be healthy, your life has undoubtedly been impacted by the spread of the virus.

Athletes have an additional challenge during this time because not only has their ability to compete been taken away, many have to find a means to train and stay in shape. It’s nothing compared to what some less fortunate are handling, but a challenge nonetheless.

This time can be especially difficult for a fighter. Combat sports athletes, for the most part, don’t get paid if they don’t fight. Moreover, with gyms and training facilities across the country shut down, they’re unable to train properly, and staying in decent shape is difficult.

I recently spoke to WBA Lightweight Champion Gervonta Davis about a variety of topics, and one he discussed is what he’s doing to stay active and occupied during the coronavirus shutdown. Davis hasn’t tested positive for coronavirus, but like others currently located in Los Angeles, he is sheltering in place.

Here is what he said:


Gervonta Davis Isn’t The Only One Playing a Ton of Video Games During Shelter-in-Place Orders

Many people, especially sports fans, are playing a lot of video games during this time at home, with titles like Madden, NBA 2K, MLB The Show, and FIFA being kicked into overdrive.

Davis, who is a Baltimore, Maryland native, says he plays a lot of Madden and he uses the Baltimore Ravens most of the time. He is the self-proclaimed “Lamar Jackson King.” If you’ve ever played a lot of Madden online, you know Davis isn’t the only one who turns to the Ravens and Jackson as their go-to option.

Like Davis, other athletes like the Utah Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 after his teammate Rudy Gobert’s positive testing prompted the NBA to suspend its season, is also playing more often.

Thankfully, Mitchell, Gobert, Christian Wood, and other NBA players diagnosed with the disease have been making full recoveries.

Unfortunately, droves of the elderly and chronically ill haven’t been as fortunate. Davis and others adhering to the shelter-in-place orders are doing their part to flatten the curve.

Other Topics Discussed With Gervonta Davis

As mentioned above, I spoke with Davis about several topics related to his immediate future in the sport. Take a look at some of the other highlights of our conversation:

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Davis hopes to be back in the ring by late June, but he acknowledges, it depends on the country’s handling of the virus over the next few months.

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