Jojo Babie Lies On Her Stomach In Neon Pink Thong

Jojo Babie takes a selfie.

Jojo Babie took a break from her usual alluring snaps earlier today and helped promote a friend’s Instagram account, but has since shared a sizzling new selfie. The Asian cutie photographed herself lying on her stomach in a neon pink thong and posed with her dogs.

The model lied sideways on her bed and raised her right foot into the air and rested her other foot on her calves. Jojo held the phone in her left hand and extended her right arm in front of her. She obscured her mouth in the photo but she still managed to exude flirty vibes as she held her head up and glanced up to look at her phone screen.

Jojo wore her hair in a high ponytail and her hair curled down towards her bed. She wore a tight, white shirt and a small thong that left her curvy booty on full show.

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