Lauren Dascalo Showcases Her Trim Figure In A Skimpy Black Thong & Crop Top

Lauren Dascalo takes a selfie

Lauren Dascalo uploaded a sexy pic sponsored by Manscaped to her Instagram page late Saturday night. The blond wore a black crop top with “Manscaped” written across the chest. She also held one of the company’s trimmers in her right hand. On her lower half, she rocked a black string thong.

In her caption, Lauren gave her fans a discount code to go toward Manscaped products.

The snap showed Lauren striking a pose in front of a glass door. Behind Lauren, a rounded archway leading outdoors was visible. It appeared to be a lovely day out as the sky looked bright blue, and the greenery looked especially vibrant. A glass coffee table, couch, and chair could also be seen in the glass paneling behind the stunner, although it was not evident which was a reflection and what was actually in the room opposite the doorway.

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