Lev Parnas, Indicted Rudy Giuliani Associate, Releases Video Set To MC Hammer Hit Of Himself And Donald Trump

Lev Parnas and wife arrive at a courthouse.

Lev Parnas, the Soviet Union-born businessman who, along with business partner Igor Fruman, was a close associate of Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Now, reportedly, he is cooperating with a House Intelligence Committee investigation into Trump and Giuliani’s alleged pressure campaign against Ukraine. According to a CNN report on Monday, Parnas has now turned over “photos, dozens of text messages, and thousands of pages of documents” to the committee, which is spearheading the impeachment investigation of Trump over his purported attempt to leverage Ukraine into staging an investigation of Democrat Joe Biden.

Seemingly, Parnas also wants his links to Trump himself to be made public. In October, Parnas and Fruman were arrested and charged with campaign finance violations — over allegations that they illegally funneled hundreds of thousands in Russian cash to a Trump-supporting political action committee and to other Republicans. After which, Trump claimed that he did not know Parnas or Fruman.

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by – inquisitr.com