Lucie Rose Donlan Tugs On Her Thong Swimsuit On Instagram

Lucie Rose Donlan wears a black dress.

Lucie Rose Donlan posted a new photo to her Instagram feed yesterday. She wore a thong-cut swimsuit and was seen tugging at it in the shot.

The one-piece was white with a thong cut in the back. The blonde posed with her back angled towards the camera. This meant that her bare booty was on display. At the same time, she grabbed some of the fabric with her hands, her elbows out to the sides.

Meanwhile, Lucie glanced over her left shoulder and down towards the ground. Her lips were slightly parted.

The blonde sported her hair down with tight curls throughout. Her locks were so long that they reached her lower back. She brushed most of it back behind her shoulders.

The Love Island star appeared to be wearing purple eyeshadow, while the rest of her look seemed very natural.

She posed outside on a patio. The backdrop was out-of-focus but featured greenery and tropical trees.

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