NBA Analyst Slams New York Knicks For Halftime Prize

If you have ever been to a basketball game on the college level or at the NBA level, you have witnessed an in-game promotion that features fans attempting to hit a half-court shot looking to win a prize of some sort.

At the University of Oklahoma, if you hit a half-court, you can win a full year’s worth of tuition.  The Dallas Mavericks issues its winners with one million air miles from American Airlines, and the Los Angeles Lakers presence its winners with $100,000.

However, the New York Knicks took some significant heat after a Knicks fan by the name Anthony Peterson won $1000 in scratch-off lottery tickets by hitting a half-court shot. Per Rob Perez of Action Network, the Knicks gave this man carpal tunnel as his prize.

Perez did reveal that the prize amounts for each game are determined by a wheel spin by the contestant. They also range from $10,000 in cash to a Kia to the scratch-offs, sponsored by the New York Lottery.

According to Peterson, via Perez, he was selected by one of the T-shirt throwers, and he agreed to participate.

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What was the reaction after he was told it was $1000 in Lottery Tickets?

“Well, when they said scratch-offs, I instantly got a headache because I was going to have to scratch them all off. I thought about who I could hire to do it for me, but then figured they might want some of the money, so I negated that idea. I was sort of like, “What the f*ck man? Some dude just won $100,000 doing the same shit in L.A., and I get some bum ass lottery tickets.” Still a blessing, though.”

He would end up winning $500 from the tickets and $70 off of a friend.

NBA Analyst Thinks Peterson was Hoodwinked by Knicks

During Wednesday’s episode of ESPN’s The Jump, Rachel Nichols brought up Peterson’s misfortune during the segment BS or Real Talk with Tracy McGrady and

Tracy McGrady: I reason with you, my brotha I really do because those are some bum ass lottery tickets. You’re not going to win a thousand dollars.

Amin Elhassan: Exactly

TM: You see a guy that hits the same shot that you hit and win a $100,000, and we as the Knicks organization offer this man a $1000 in scratch-off tickets.

AE: A couple of things, one it is not a blessing. It is not a blessing to scratch all of them tickets, but the other thing is if you are the Knicks. How you going to have the sponsor of the half-court shot have a prize like that? Look, you don’t have a lot going for you right now. You got to make the in-game entertainment as amazing as possible. So, I’m saying even though my man wants to be humble and say I think won about $500 off of those 1000 is better than nothing, but C’MON MAN! It’s not a blessing you got screwed over.

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Is it a “blessing”?

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