Nyle DiMarco Thinks He Has Coronavirus, Decides To Skip Testing To Help Others More At Risk

Nyle DiMarco attends the 3rd annual National Day of Racial Healing at Array

Nyle DiMarco shared an Instagram video with his 1.8 million followers, where he admitted he thinks he has contracted the coronavirus. However, Nyle has also opted not to take a test so that healthcare professionals can save it for someone who is more high-risk.

Nyle confessed that he had access to testing but felt that it wouldn’t be right for him to take the space of someone sicker than him. According to the actor, he is currently “on the mend” and believes he will make a full recovery.

For that reason, he doesn’t feel that it is necessary to get tested. He urged any of his followers who were in a similar situation also to forego testing if possible.

“If you are healthy and have no respiratory issues, I encourage you to be mindful of sick patients that need to get tested more than you do.”

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