‘Servant’ Episode 10 Finale Spoilers: Photos, Title & Theories

Servant is a fascinating series on Apple TV Plus that fans just can’t quit talking about. All the twists and turns have left viewers guessing and no one is quite sure what to expect next. Episode 9 was heartbreaking to watch, but many fans aren’t sure that what they saw is really what happened. Here are spoilers we know so far about the finale, Episode 10, along with some predictions based on what’s happened so far. (So there will be spoilers for Episodes 1 through 9 also.)

The Episode May Be Called ‘Balloon’

The finale is reportedly called “Balloon.”This isn’t confirmed yet, but that’s the word being passed around, since Episode 9 was originally thought to be called Balloon but it ended up being called Jericho.

Final episode is called Balloon… from servant

Fans aren’t really sure what the title could be referring too. Some think maybe it’s the idea of the “truth” bursting, just like when a balloon pops.

The only balloon that was popped in the show so far was during the Haggis dinner party.

But we also saw balloons during the pageant that Leeanne was in as a child, balloons at Julian’s birthday part, and balloons after Jericho’s birth.

Here are the episode names for this season:

  • 1. Reborn
  • 2. Wood
  • 3. Eel
  • 4. Bear
  • 5. Cricket
  • 6. Rain
  • 7. Haggis
  • 8. Boba
  • 9. Jericho
  • 10. Balloon

So as you can see, the episode titles haven’t revealed that much about the content of the episode. Unfortunately, this means that “Balloon” isn’t likely going to reveal a lot either.

Interestingly, a Google search for episode titles is currently wrong (as of the time of publication.) It lists Episode 9 as being called “Balloon” and Episode 10 as not having a title yet. But Episode 9 was called “Jericho” according to its title on the Apple TV Plus app.

Promotional Photos Have Been Released

Apple has released promotional photos for the final episode. These give some clues about what to expect.

First, a new character portrayed by Alison Elliott is going to be in the episode. This is likely the “Aunt May” who was spoken about by Uncle George and Leanne in a previous episode. Some people have commented that Aunt May looks a lot less creepy than Uncle George.

Apple TV Plus

You can see balloons in this episode, fitting the title. We’re likely going to see Jericho’s baptism party that Dorothy Turner has been wanting. Most viewers think this is the present-day baptism party for Julian 2.0 and not a flashback photo.

Apple TV Plus

Leanne is not happy.

Apple TV Plus

Julian and Sean are having a serious talk.

Apple TV Plus

Julian will appear in the finale, which isn’t too surprising.

Apple TV Plus

The promotional photos also reveal that Uncle George is back for the finale, looking as creepy as always. Are they coming for the baptism?

Apple TV Plus

The description for the entire series reads: “A new psychological thriller from M. Night Shyamalan that follows a Philadelphia couple in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home.” Some fans are thinking there will be natural, non-supernatural explanations for everything. The description, however, doesn’t seem to be lending itself to this idea. 

There are also still some scenes from the trailer that we haven’t seen yet (I think), including these:



Here’s the trailer.

Some Fans Think We Still Don’t Know How Jericho Really Died

Some fans think we haven’t seen the real way that Jericho died. Instead, they surmise that Episode 9 is Sean’s guess about how Jericho died, because Dorothy was catatonic when he found her. She was in no state to explain what happened and then, once she came out of her catatonia, she never really believed that Jericho died. So this is the story that Sean came up with.

The comments Natalie made might line up better with the idea that something else happened to Jericho. Natalie said to Julian at one point: “You need to talk to someone about what you saw. What you did.” And she said to Leanne: “How much did those boys tell you about what happened?… If I were you I would look for something a bit more stable.”

Then again, Natalie might be talking about how Julian and Sean disposed of Jericho’s body. We still don’t know how that happened. That might be the really dark part of Sean and Julian’s story, and what we learned about Dorothy was real.

There Are Two Official Instagram Accounts

Interestingly, there are two official Instagram accounts for the show. One is called ServantOfficial and one is ServantOfficial_. The first has the tagline “Doubt what you believe.” The second has the tagline, “Believe what you doubt.” There are probably some significant clues in these accounts. They share different posts and videos.

Some Think There Will Be a Rational Explanation

Others are convinced that the twist is that there will be a rational, non-supernatural explanation for everything. It’s tough to imagine that being the case for the splinters that Sean keeps finding, but it’s still a prevailing theory.

One idea is that Jericho 2.0 really is a different baby, and Leanne employed the idea that Julian’s dad had also considered. She had Wanda help her switch the baby for a doll when Julian was supposed to look after him because she didn’t trust Julian.

Some fans surmise that Leanne is from a religious cult, perhaps, and is punishing Sean by planting splinters. (Maybe she’s also poisoning his food, causing him to lose his sense of taste.) But once she found out how Jericho actually died, she decided to start punishing Dorothy instead.

But if things are on the supernatural end instead, maybe Leanne has the power to resurrect people. But now she’s mad that she resurrected Jericho for a mom who wasn’t deserving in her viewpoint.

We may know the answer by Friday, depending on if everything is revealed or if we’re left with a cliffhanger.

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