Twins dress up as modern versions of classic Disney characters using vintage fashion

Danielle dressed as Lilo and Nicole dressed as Stitch (Picture: BETTY BERRY / MERCURY PRESS)

If you’re a twin and you’re not doing cosplays on Instagram, you’re wasting your potential.

Learn from the example of Danielle and Nicole Harry, identical twins both aged 25.

They’ve made names for themselves on social media by dressing up as modern versions of classic Disney characters, from Frozen’s Anna and Elsa to Lilo and Stitch.

To be clear, we’re not talking about cosplaying as these characters in outfits exactly like theirs.

Instead, the twins take inspiration from Disney favourites to create looks that are actually wearable outside of a Disney film.

And each one is great.

Nicole dressed as Anna and Danielle dressed as Elsa from Frozen (Picture: BETTY BERRY / MERCURY PRESS)

The sisters, originally from Portsmouth but now living in London, started selling clothes online as a hobby during university to clear out their wardrobes, then started a vintage clothing business, called Betty Berry, in 2019.

Danielle said: ‘We’ve always loved playing with these styles and reinventing them with our own touches, so we released a whole vintage collection based on Disney characters.

‘We use vintage wholesalers and handpick the stock to sell, and usually the character costume ideas come in later, but sometimes we find pieces that reminded us of certain characters.

Nicole dressed as Anna and Danielle dressed as Elsa from Frozen (Picture: BETTY BERRY / MERCURY PRESS)

‘The Disney princess looks were centred around specific pieces we found – we spotted some turquoise flares that had mermaid vibes, and that’s how the Ariel look was created.

‘We always loved playing dress up when we were little – we had Disney princess costumes as well as hand-me-downs from our older siblings.

‘We’d mix these looks together so one of us would be a superhero, like Spider-Man, while the other a princess.

‘It’s nostalgic for us to reinvent these looks now and still brings us as much joy.’

The styled looks have captured loads of people’s attention, with the twins’ Anna and Elsa photos attracting more than 43,000 likes.

Alongside Disney faves, the twins have also constructed looks inspired by other popular fictional characters, such as the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz and the three Powerpuff Girls.

Every outfit is centred around vintage pieces the sisters handpick at wholesalers to sell on their website, named Betty Berry after their Grandmothers.

Danielle said: ‘We’re really flattered by the love we get for our lookbooks on Instagram.

‘We even get sent art inspired by our photos and it makes us so happy to inspire others.

‘It’s different to cosplaying, the idea is if the characters dressed like us, and we’re inspired by their colour palettes and personalities.

‘The princess Aurora inspired outfit is one of my favourites – I think we captured her look well but in clothes we wear ourselves.’

Danielle and Nicole are now planning looks for 2020 and hope to launch their own label inspired by vintage fashion, using sustainable fabrics.

Next up they’ll be creating 90s-themed looks.

Nicole said: ‘We always get suggestions for what to do next online.

‘Someone suggested that we create Friends inspired outfits and so we just had to do Phoebe and her twin sister Ursula.’

The twins hope that their style will show others that they can ditch fast fashion and look great.

Danielle added: ‘We’re against fast fashion and absolutely have to move away from it for the sake of the planet.

‘We want to help change the way people shop little by little by introducing sustainable pieces into their everyday outfits.’

Here are some of the twins other outfits inspired by fictional characters…

Phoebe and Ursula Buffay


The Wizard of Oz


Kevin McAllister

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Bridget Jones


New York Minute’s Roxy and Jane


Harry and Ron


Wes Anderson characters

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