Winter Weather Prompts Caltrans Alert

Sonora, CA – Can you guess what this mystery mound is in the picture in the image box?
A winter storm approaching has the potential to dump feet instead of inches of snow in the Mother Lode region. That has Caltrans issuing an alert to motorists, but it is not about driving conditions. The notice is for those who may come up to play in the snow during the holiday weekend.
Caltrans officials ask those planning a trip to snow country to beware of parking in areas where snowplows and blowers are operating as vehicles can get buried. It becomes dangerous when, as the image box picture shows, the vehicle is not visible to an unsuspecting equipment operator.
As the picture shows, Caltrans officials say under that snow heap was a pickup truck, which luckily was uncovered by crews in a SNO-Park area along Highway 4 in Alpine County during a December storm before it was nearly destroyed by snowplows. When visiting one of California’s many SNO-PARK sites, Caltrans officials ask travelers parking overnight to stake at all 4 corners with 1×2 inch by 8-foot poles to prevent accidental damage by snow removal equipment.
Click here for a list of all the area SNO-Parks.

by – MyMotherLode