90 Day Fiance: Redditor Leaked Deavan Clegg’s Whole OnlyFans Album

The former 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Deavan Clegg recently made her OnlyFans account free. She announced on her Instagram that since some of her OnlyFans pictures have already been leaked, she might as well make the account for free, at least for a day. One of her fans took advantage of this rare offer and then released ALL of her content on Reddit.

Many TLC viewers know that after appearing on any of 90 Day Fiancé spin-offs, the reality stars usually like to expand their brand and look for opportunities to rake in extra cash. While some begin promoting news stories with clickbait titles on their Instagram pages, others launch an OnlyFans to sell their raunchy pictures. The Utah native Deavan also launched her account sometime in June, and since then, she has been continuously sharing her explicit photos (almost 80) on the platform. However, her experience with the content sharing website hasn’t been quite profitable. Some of her fans (or one can call them haters) subscribed to her account and then leaked some of her pictures online. She was obviously quite disheartened and suspected that her ex-husband Jihoon Lee is the one who leaked the photos.  

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So, Deavan, who was earlier selling her steamy shots at $3 per month, made her account free for a day on the occasion of New Year. Taking advantage of this offer, a Reddit user captured and leaked Deavan’s whole OnlyFans album on the discussion forum. The 90 Day Fiancé fan didn’t seem quite impressed with her content and called it “boring” and wrote, “OnlyFans Content to date. (She made it free so I don’t feel bad about leaking)” 

Most of the social media users also appeared disappointed as they thought Deavan looked drastically different in all of her pictures and accused her of using excessive filters on every photo. They wrote comments like, “Tacky is a good word to describe it,” “I didn’t even pay and I want my money back,” and “She looks like she needs a good wash in most of them.” Others found some grammatical mistakes in her picture captions and said, “English is not her best language!” and “Jovi should coach her to let her English!” 

The former TLC star has shared sexy bikini shots on her account, and she doesn’t post nude pictures. However, a fan claimed that she asks for extra money to show off more content. Some fans confirmed on another Reddit thread that she did share seminude pictures with them, and they posted some of her nudes to prove it. While many aren’t satisfied with Deavan’s content, a fan seemed to have enjoyed another former 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Lima’s pictures saying that she takes her OnlyFans work seriously.

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Source: Reddit

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