Apple says it’ll fix Bluetooth problems on M1 Macs

Apple’s new M1 Macs were warmly received by reviewers, but they did cause headaches for some users. 

Among the most annoying issues reported were Bluetooth troubles. Some users said they couldn’t connect their Mac to various Bluetooth peripherals, and some experienced random disconnects from Bluetooth devices. Now, it seems Apple is working on a fix. 

The Atlantic writer Ian Bogost (via The 8-Bit) has experienced these issues himself. He managed to temporarily fix them by buying a new mouse and plugging in his keyboard, but an actual solution should be coming soon. 

Solved my M1 Mac Bluetooth issues by plugging in my keyboard and buying a Logitech mouse with its own Bluetooth dongle.

(Apple tells me a MacOS fix is in progress and forthcoming just about anytime. But jeez.)

— Ian Bogost (@ibogost) January 10, 2021 Read more…

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