Big Brother: Memphis Garrett’s 2020 Highlight Was Meeting Christmas Abbott

Memphis Garrett’s time in the Big Brother house may have been the best part of 2020, even though he didn’t win the $500,000 grand prize. Memphis kicked off the new year with an Instagram TV video reflecting on 2020 while sharing that his 2020 highlight was meeting now-girlfriend Christmas Abbott. The two announced their new relationship not long after leaving the Big Brother house following the All-Stars season.

Memphis Garrett first walked into the Big Brother house during the 10th season of the show. Nine seasons later, Christmas Abbott took on the same challenge. Although they both made it to their respective finale nights, neither managed to take home the grand prize. Memphis came close, as he was the runner-up on his season, while Christmas was the last to be evicted in the final three of her season. Both Memphis and Christmas were brought back to Big Brother seclusion for the All-Stars season this past summer. Despite going into the house in relationships, Christmas and Memphis became very close throughout the season. Little did the two know they sparked cheating rumors amongst fans in the outside world. Upon returning home, Memphis called things off with his now ex-girlfriend Dominique Scalise. Although she stuck by her man’s side, it was no shock to Dominique when Memphis and Christmas went public with their new relationship.

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Although he did not win the money, Memphis’ time inside the Big Brother house was the best part of his year. Memphis shared an Instagram TV video alongside girlfriend Christmas Abbott, during which they reflected on the past year. In the reoccurring segment Memphis refers to as “Mornings with Memphis,” the Big Brother alum referred to meeting Christmas as the highlight of his 2020 year. The two filmed the video while ringing in the new year on a boat in Miami. While explaining how crazy the year 2020 was for normal life, Memphis and Christmas both said the biggest thing to come out of the year was meeting each other. He described it as a “massive positive” coming out of a “crazy year.” The couple clinked their glasses in a cheers while looking forward to the new year together.

Memphis and Christmas went on to talk about their goals for the new year. They both agreed that they typically do not like setting resolutions of things they “need to change” in the new year. Instead, they each have different ways they prefer to set goals. Memphis reflects on his achieved goals from the previous year before writing down new goals for the new year. He looks at “the year as a whole” instead of telling himself to complete a specific task every day. Christmas uses a “mindset development” approach by choosing a specific word to focus on each year. She explained, “That word would help me implement things that would be resolutions.” Christmas’ word or phrase for 2020 was “learning through love.” She described 2020 as being a very “pivotal year” both in the outside world, as well as for herself.

While some Big Brother: All-Stars may regret returning to the house for this past season, Memphis and Christmas definitely don’t. They may not have brought home the cash prize, but they did gain a new relationship, which may be worth a lot more. The two seem to have a lot planned for the upcoming year together.

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Source: Memphis Garrett/Instagram

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