Cyberpunk 2077: Judy’s Home Reveals A Lot About Her Background

Judy is one of the many characters V can grow attached to in Cyberpunk 2077, and there is a lot players can find out about her life and background by searching her house. Unfortunately, to get to this point of familiarity with Judy, players will have to go through a few questlines which will make her incredibly depressed, miserable, and upset – not at V, but at the circumstances (and the person) which brought them together.

[Warning: Spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077 below]

Cyberpunk 2077’s main plot involves a certain chip which Judy’s friend Evelyn Parker hires V and Jackie Welles to steal from Cyberpunk’s Arasaka Corporation. This chip, which contains the thoughts and feelings of former rockerboy-turned-terrorist Johnny Silverhand, eventually ends up in V’s head, and while Jackie Welles dies during the events of the robbery, Eve succumbs to a much worse fate.

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Players can help Judy find and rescue Evelyn (and get some much-needed revenge, if necessary) but the subsequent chain of events leaves her angry and alone. Instead of focusing on her grief, Judy then decides to do something bold – take over Clouds, pushing the Tyger Claws out in favor of her own group, The Mox. If the player wishes, they can help Judy out on this mission, although they will have to contend with Johnny complaining about how The Mox aren’t worth risking their lives for the whole time. To organize the plan and help figure out how exactly Clouds should be overthrown, Judy organizes a group meeting in her apartment – which offers the perfect opportunity for sneaky Cyberpunk 2077 players to snoop around.

All around Judy’s apartment is evidence of how she spends her time outside of Cyberpunk 2077’s story, and V and Johnny get a chance to look at a lot of it. On a desk in Judy’s living room (pictured above) there is a small robot which she appears to be building. According to Cyberpunk 2077’s hacking scanner, the status of the robot is simply an “Assembly in Progress” and it appears to be an original design, as the Type classification reads “Model Not Found.” Underneath her desk are a bunch of “retro” electronics, likely pieces she is using to build the machine.

Scattered throughout all of the rooms in Judy’s apartment are lots and lots of braindance-related news and information shards. This isn’t very surprising, considering Judy’s lifelong profession has been braindance editing, and judging from the messages in her email folder she’s one of the best in the business.

Judy’s responses are typical of her personality in Cyberpunk 2077, and it’s clear that she is happy (at least, outwardly so) with spending her days editing braindance smut instead of official news content for some corporation. There are also numerous emails between Judy and the head of Clouds, Maiko, which can give players more background on the nature of their past relationship and explains why they interact so frigidly these days. Included on the computer are also many exchanged messages between Judy and Evelyn Parker, which, by the time the player is actually able to read them, are all rather depressing.

Players can also see a little glimpse into Judy’s psyche when looking through a shard labeled “Braindances – Concepts” in her apartment. In it, Cyberpunk 2077’s Judy appears to have listed some ideas for future braindances she could record, and they are pretty varied – the three options she has jotted down include “BD of a woman giving birth,” “BDs of the most common dreams – compilation,” and “2 BDs scrolled by two actors, neural tracks set up so that it looks like one BD.” When not editing porn or helping out V in Cyberpunk 2077, it’s clear from her apartment that Judy has lots of other ways she likes to spend her time.

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