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Warning: SPOILERS for Dare Me season 1 are ahead.

Will Dare Me season 2 ever get made? If so, when will it release and what will the storyline be about? Based on Megan Abbott’s eponymous 2012 novel, the TV adaptation initially debuted on USA in December 2019 and aired through March 2020. Now that Dare Me season 1 has landed on Netflix and consistently been a trending title, fans are curious about the cliffhanger ending and a potential second installment.

Set in the American Midwest, Dare Me season 1 revolves around drama at Sutton Grove High School. When a 28-year-old woman named Colette French (Willa Fitzgerald) becomes the new cheerleading coach, her personal life is investigated by team members and best friends Addy Hanlon (Herizen Guardiola) and Beth Cassidy (Marlo Kelly). The teenagers have differing opinions of Colette, but they both come to the same realization that she’s cheating on her husband, Matt (Rob Heaps), with a Marine sergeant named Will Mosley (Zach Roerig). Dare Me season 2 explores the shifting power dynamics between the focal females, with the late-season death of a main character making their lives even more complicated.

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The Dare Me season 1 finale includes some big character reveals, yet the final episode doesn’t resolve the primary conflict. Unsurprisingly, fans want to know what actually happened to Sergeant Mosley, whose alleged suicide sets up the central murder mystery. Here’s everything we expect for Dare Me season 2, possibly on Netflix. 

Dare Me was canceled by USA Network in April 2020, approximately six weeks after the season 1 finale. Despite a “Certified Fresh” critic score at Rotten Tomatoes, USA presumably chose not to move forward with Dare Me season 2 because of average viewership numbers and the network’s shift to “eventized” projects (per The Hollywood Reporter). Netflix later acquired Dare Me season 1 and added the show in December 2020.

As with so many one-and-done productions, Dare Me fans have created petitions to bring back the show for season 2. If the series ends up being a huge streaming hit for Netflix, then the service would undoubtedly consider a second season. Just as Cobra Kai became a cultural sensation upon arriving at Netflix, Dare Me could have a similar effect on its targeted worldwide demographic.

Dare Me season 1 ends with a cryptic climax, and doesn’t reveal if one or more of the main characters are responsible for Sergeant Mosley’s death. However, it’s heavily implied that Colette and her husband Matt conspired to cover up a crime on the evening in question. Based on the ending of the original book, Netflix could stretch out the storyline for a second season, or maybe in a feature film. If given the opportunity, Abbott may ultimately choose to begin Dare Me season 2 with the book’s ending, and then start fresh with a brand new narrative involving Addy and Beth. Most likely, though, she’d probably want to write and publish a second book first.

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