Doctor Who: Whoopi Goldberg Wants to Be the First American Doctor

Actress Whoopi Goldberg has expressed her desire to play the role of the Doctor on the BBC show Doctor Who. This would make Goldberg the first American to take on the role of the Doctor, and only the second woman to play the role. Goldberg has appeared in a variety of films and shows throughout her career and is perhaps best known for her work on the Sister Act franchise.

The role of the Doctor is a unique one in the television industry since it is played by a rotating cast of different actors. Historically, the Doctor has always been played by a white, British man. However, the show has already presented its first female Doctor with Jodie Whittaker, showing that there is an opportunity for other types of actors to take on the role. Now, Goldberg wants a shot as the character.

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Goldberg expressed her hopes for the Doctor Who role in an interview with SFX Magazine (via Digital Spy). The actress revealed that she has been hoping to play the Doctor for a long time and loves the idea of introducing an American Doctor to the show. Goldberg talks about a conversation she had with previous Doctor Who actor Tom Baker, where the two discussed the possibility of Goldberg joining the show. Goldberg says she even approached the BBC about taking over for actor Peter Capaldi in 2018, but that the showrunners opted for Jodie Whittaker instead. Goldberg’s original quote can be read below:

“I was lucky enough to speak to Tom Baker about it – he’s the Doctor I know best. For me, Tom Baker was the best Doctor. Of course, the younger Doctors are good, but when it comes to the older Doctors, it was always Tom Baker for me. I wanted to be the first female Doctor, but they have one. I said to him, ‘I love the idea of an American Doctor Who’. I’m still trying to do it.”

But now, with reports coming out that Whittaker may be leaving Doctor Who, the BBC may be looking for a new actor to play the Doctor. Most fans have already theorized that actress Jo Martin will be taking over once Whittaker leaves the show. But given Goldberg’s enthusiasm for the role, there is the possibility that she may be considered as the next Doctor. And since Goldberg already has experience with sci-fi television from Star Trek, she could fit in well with Doctor Who’s cast.

For the BBC, there are both pros and cons to casting Goldberg. On one hand, Doctor Who has always been led by British actors, and the BBC isn’t one to break with tradition. On the other hand, casting Goldberg as an American Doctor could help bring in an American audience to the show and could potentially increase viewership. Whatever the BBC thinks, it appears that Doctor Who will need a new Doctor soon, and Goldberg could be just as good a candidate as any other.

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Source: SFX Magazine (via Digital Spy)

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