MyLife review: The mindfulness app that hooks meditation skeptics

MyLife app
$9.99 per month
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The Good

Easy to navigate • Flexible program length • Broad range of instructors and themes • Bilingual

The Bad

No desktop or AppleTV option • The price may not encourage new mindfulness practitioners

The Bottom Line

MyLife offers a great range of mindful meditations for beginners and more experienced practitioners. The app makes it easy to find the time for self-care.

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Sometimes I forget to breathe. It’s an embarrassing confession, but I know I’m not alone. A friend once even took me to a breathing class — and I failed! There we were spread across the room following the instructions of the teacher, but even when breathing was the only thing I needed to focus on, I forgot to do that. The teacher was impatient, planting himself in front of me to announce, as often as needed, “You aren’t breathing.”  Read more…

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