Pa. coronavirus update: State offering funds to long-term care facilities for future outbreaks

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On Wednesday, the commonwealth reported 7,960 new coronavirus cases with an additional 349 deaths as of Tuesday. To date, Pennsylvania officials report 741,389 total cases of the virus. A total of 18,429 people have died.

Pennsylvania reports 5,204 people are in the hospital because of the virus, near the peak in the spring, with 1,060 in the intensive care unit.

The number of people tested with positive results for the first week of January is 14.4%.

Pa. cobbles together funds for outbreaks at long-term care facilities

Pennsylvania health officials say they can’t stop the coronavirus from infiltrating long-term care facilities, but with $175 million in federal CARES Act funding, they were able to help make outbreaks smaller and less severe.

The funding for the Regional Response Health Collaborative program, however, ran out at the end of December. The commonwealth has been able to cobble together funds for a pared-back version of the program, keeping some of its core components in place, including the ability to provide facilities ravaged by the virus with emergency staff.

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