Pokémon Secret Bases: Why The Series Should Bring Them Back

Fans of the Pokémon series have seen many different mechanics added to each generation of games. One that was particularly fun for fans was Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire‘s Secret Bases. Players could obtain the TM Hidden Power to interact with certain trees or indents on rock walls. This opened up secret areas of various sizes and shapes. Inside the spaces, players could decorate with furniture, Poké Dolls, and noise-making matts. Players could also find other Secret Bases and battle the trainers inside. All of this should return in the modern games.

Bringing back Secret Bases in newer Pokémon titles could give fans another fun way to interact with friends. With the improved wireless multiplayer options of the Nintendo Switch, as well as its improved graphical capabilities, customizing a secret base could look a bit like Animal Crossing. Players could buy furniture and decorations from shops in the region to customize their space, then share it with friends by inviting them to visit via Wi-Fi. This would create another way to customize the Pokémon gaming experience, besides being able to dress characters and pick hairstyles.

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Adding Secret Bases as a DLC expansion for Pokémon Sword and Shield could be a treat for players in the Wild Area. Players could select a spot in a bush, tree or cave in the Wild Area to call home, then build it out as they wish. The DLC could also unlock the ability to buy furniture and decorations at the same shops that sell clothes, giving players a new selection of items to collect and more end-game content to enjoy.

Secret Bases could be more complex in newer Pokémon games, as well, with the ability to have Pokémon out of their Pokéballs while in the base. Players could also have a personal closet to change clothes in, allowing them to try on various outfits before venturing out into the Wild Area to do some Raid Den battles. It would even be interesting to see players unlock a kitchen that allows them to make different kinds of curry than those they can cook while camping.

While it is unclear if Pokémon Sword and Shield will have any new DLC added in the future, it is possible that Game Freak could add Secret Bases to a new Pokémon game in the future. This would allow the developers to merge what they have learned in Sword and Shield with new ideas, bringing players a whole different experience when making a Secret Base in the new region. Bringing back Secret Bases in the Pokémon games, combined with the games’ new open-world mechanics, would give fans another way to customize their trainers’ journeys in games to come.

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