The Family Chantel: Check Out Pedro Jimeno’s Best Tweets

Earlier this year, Pedro Jimeno created a Twitter account for the first time. Check out The Family Chantel star’s best tweets for the 2020 year. 

This fall, Pedro Jimeno and his wife, Chantel Everett, were back in the reality TV scene with a second season of The Family Chantel. Pedro got a break from the spotlight this season since other members of the Jimeno-Everett family made an appearance. In the summer, Pedro created a Twitter account for the first time. Check out his best tweets since he started his account. 

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On December 14, the finale of the second season of Family Chantel aired. The episode was titled “Wedding Crashers” and it covered Royal and Angenette’s wedding day. While fans watched the episode, Pedro retweeted a lot of the content his fans shared.

Pedro’s nifty contraption to keep his shirt tucked into his formal pants had fans laughing. “Now all he needs is those little sock suspenders!” one person commented. Someone else wrote, “Pedro has been hilarious this season.” 

As usual, there is tons of drama at any Chantel Everett event. Although, Pedro just wanted to be done with the chaos and have fun at the wedding bash. He retweeted the above post which obviously means he agrees about his nonchalant attitude. 

Finally, Pedro shared a comical tweet about his mother, Lidia, and sister, Nicole, on the finale night. Nicole’s boyfriend, Alejandro Padron, gave her a promise ring during the last episode and she accepted it. Pedro and Lidia expressed that they didn’t like Alejandro because he was currently married to another woman. Pedro and Nicole’s father cheated and started another family behind Lidia’s back which is a sensitive issue. Obviously, Lidia wasn’t impressed when she saw the ring and Pedro seems to be equally disapproving.

A fan asked Pedro if he preferred Fortnite or Call of Duty when it came to gaming. He responded with Call of Duty. Jimeno loves to game and frequently appears on Twitch. 

On September 10, the second season of The Family Chantel was announced. Pedro shared his Instagram announcement and said, “Thanks for all the support,” with emojis. 

As fans may have noticed, Pedro is on a personal fitness and health journey. In August, he posted a selfie with the caption, “Determination will always give you results, no matter how long it takes.” Jimeno’s abs are showing which means the caption holds a lot of truth. 

Pedro showed off his finest cowboy attire. 

In July, Pedro signed up for Twitter. Fans quickly noticed that he had an account and they started following him. He thanked his followers for the support.

Now that Pedro is on Twitter, we can’t wait to see what he posts in 2021. Happy New Years to The Family Chantel stars!

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