Track your 2021 fitness goals with this body composition smart scale

Save $20.95: The Withings Body+ smart scale is on sale for $79 at Amazon, down from $99.95 as of Jan. 6.

Even though, as we learned in 2020, time is not real, the beginning of a new year feels like a good checkpoint to start new goals or change up the way we live. If you’re determined to make fitness or a healthier lifestyle a focal point in 2021, you should consider getting a smart scale to help you track your progress.

The Withings Body+ is one of our picks for best smart scales and as of Jan. 6, it’s on sale for $79 at Amazon, saving you $20.95. 

Weight loss isn’t the only way to measure health or fitness progress, which is why this scale is so beneficial. In addition to weight, it monitors body fat, water percentage, and muscle and bone mass. With the scale you get a fuller picture of your body’s health. There’s even a pregnancy tracker and a baby mode, so family members in all stages of life can keep track of growth and body composition. Read more…

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