Why Among Us Players Keep Coming Up With Weird Game Modes

Even though Among Us is over two years old, its popularity and player count drastically increased over the lockdown, making it one of the top games of 2020. With this rise, memes, content, and discussions about the game have become much more common, and that can only lead to players wanting to add their own twist to the popular murder mystery game. This leads to players making their own Among Us game modes, spicing up the classic mode that Innersloth, the game’s developers, had in mind.

With many people constantly playing the game daily or weekly, custom-made game modes are a great way to make sure Among Us doesn’t get boring. However, the downside is that there is no way to make these modes official, so the lobby host will have to change the rules and enforce the game modes themselves. In classic Among Us, two impostors have to kill crewmates and prevent them from doing their tasks and repairing the spaceship. This is fun, but can get boring if played multiple times.

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Examples of some popular game modes in Among Us include Hide and Seek, Small Talk, Colorblind, and Murder, She Wrote. These game modes all differ from the classic mode and add a twist or remove a normal mechanic to make the rounds much more interesting. For example, in Colorblind, players cant say colors or names, while in Small Talk mode players are only allowed to say three words throughout the entire round. These rules make Among Us much more difficult, usually giving for a more fun experience.

Players can get really creative with these custom game modes, and their not really limited in how they can change the game, as almost all options are available for the host to change before the round starts. Players are even going as far as incorporating other game mechanics into Among Us to make the rounds more interesting. However, these game modes obviously have a lot of different kinds of rules that players will have to follow, so everybody in the lobby will need to be cooperating.

Innersloth was working on a sequel to Among Us last year, but have since cancelled it and will remain updating content in the current game. Because of this cancellation, the developers have decided to put everything that was planned for Among Us 2 into the base game. This could mean that some of these player-made game modes will be officially added and supported. Innersloth might even add its own game modes too, letting players have new experiences with ease.

Among Us is now a favored option when it comes to many gamers figuring out what to play, due to it’s addictive gameplay and accessibility. Hide and Seek and Murder, She Wrote are just a couple of the game modes that players have made up, all with their own rules and mechanics to make everything a little more challenging. Players are constantly creating new game modes to try out, and more and more will come as the game progresses.

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