Joe Biden Is A ‘Danger To The Republic’ & Should Be Impeached ‘Immediately,’ Commentator Says

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh sounded the alarm on President , the Democrat vowed during the election to ease racial divisions — a goal that has received scrutiny due to his role in the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.

Per The Inquisitr, Harvard Divinity School philosophy professor Cornel West recently pointed to the notorious legislation during an appearance on the Mehdi Hasan Show and accused Biden of having the blood of Americans on his hands.

Still, West said he believes that Biden can change.

Biden Has Faced Calls For Impeachment Before

Walsh’s call for Biden to be impeached is not the first. Various Republicans, most notably Marjorie Taylor Greene, have called for the president to be removed from the White House.

Fox News host Sean Hannity also called for Biden’s removal from office and contended that his son’s overseas business dealings would ultimately be what kickstarts an impeachment probe.

Elsewhere, Democrat and author Naomi Wolf called for Biden’s impeachment for his support of the controversial vaccine passport proposal that has surfaced amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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