Why Brad Pitt Left Medical Center In A Wheelchair

, he went to extreme lengths to look the part of Tyler Durden, the soap salesman who brawls with Edward Norton’s character in the 1999 David Fincher classic Fight Club. Pitt had his teeth professionally chipped by a dentist ahead of filming, then had his snaggle-toothed smile fixed afterward. So while some dread going to the dentist, it’s clear that Pitt has no fear of having his mouth messed with.

Pitt’s Custody Battle Continues

Of course, having your wisdom teeth removed is not a pleasant experience, and having to undergo the procedure in the middle of a contentious custody battle certainly isn’t going to make it more enjoyable.

Pitt and his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, still haven’t come to an agreement on how they’ll share custody of their six kids. Their fight took a nasty turn when Jolie filed court documents saying that she and the couple’s children were prepared to offer proof of alleged domestic violence. According to Page Six, Pitt is “heartbroken” by the filing and believes someone in Jolie’s camp leaked it to “sway opinion” against him.

A Few Reasons To Smile

While Pitt is being plagued with legal, familial, and dental troubles, his career is providing him with a few reasons to smile. He’ll be one of the presenters at the Academy Awards on April 25, and he’s set to make a cameo in the romantic action comedy Lost City of D. According to The Hollywood Reporter, one of the movie’s leads is Pitt’s pal Sandra Bullock, who invited him to appear in it. The cast also includes Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe. Pitt’s role is being kept under wraps, but the movie’s plot involves a reclusive romance novel author (Bullock) who gets swept up in a “cutthroat jungle adventure” along with her book’s cover model (Tatum). 

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