13 Times Katy Perry Has Channeled A Disney Character

Katy Perry brought a little magic to American Idol this week when she dressed up like Peter Pan’s pixie pal Tinkerbell for Disney night. Tink didn’t have a love interest in Disney’s animated 1963 film, but Katy gave her one. She described her as the girlfriend of Legolas, the elf portrayed by Katy’s real-life Prince Charming, Orlando Bloom, in the Lord of the Rings movies.  

Katy’s Tinkerbell had pointy ears just like her elfin boyfriend. For some reason, she lacked the Disney’s mascot’s pencil-thin eyebrows (she didn’t have any at all).

Katy has channeled numerous other characters from the Magic Kingdom over the years, whether intentionally or not. Check out a few of her stylish House of Mouse looks below.

Minnie Mouse

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