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As a general rule, Oliver Queen is not an easy person to be friends with. The guy is arrogant, insufferable at times, and can be a complete jerk. And those are arguably some of his better personality traits.

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But Green Arrow still has managed to make a few close friends over the years, making him the lynchpin of a web of friendships that honestly don’t always make the most sense. Sometimes, those connections are downright illogical. But that doesn’t change the fact that these relationships are key to not only survival in the field but maintaining mental health in such a brutal line of work.

10 Speedy And Kid Eternity

Green Arrow has so many young protégés that fans have started wondering if he takes parenting advice from Batman. One of Green Arrow’s sidekicks was Mia Dearden, a young runaway who he trained to be the next Speedy with the help of Connor Hawke.

Throughout her career as a costumed archer, Speedy has formed all sorts of bonds with other heroes. One of the strangest is her friendship with Kid Eternity, who has an incredibly different powerset and lifestyle to hers, making them an odd pairing.

9 Arsenal And Rose Wilson

As long as there has been a Teen Titans, it seems like they’ve been at odds with Deathstroke. DC’s greatest mercenary and assassin has long made it his goal to bring this team of young heroes down, even when no one is paying him to do it.

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His daughter, Rose Wilson, has been a lot less clear. She has been an enemy to the Titans as well as a member. This has led to somewhat of an awkward friendship with Arsenal, one that has been tested a few times over the years.

8 Connor Hawke And Steel

While Green Arrow has accumulated more than a few pseudo-adoptive children during his long career, he does have children he participated in the conception of. One of them is Connor Hawke, a master martial artist and archer.

During a time when his father was dead, Connor took on the mantle of Green Arrow as well as membership in the Justice League. This led to a myriad of strange friendships, including one with Steel. Connor probably doesn’t even own a smartphone, let alone a suit of armor.

7 Black Canary And Deadman

There are several heroes in DC who are legacies and are following in the footsteps of their parents. The current Black Canary is one of them, using the same superhero name her mother did when she fought the good fight.

Black Canary has had a lot of interesting friendships in her life, though the strangest might be Deadman. It’s hard to say how many DC heroes are even aware of Boston Brand’s existence but Black Canary is and she definitely cares for him.

6 Connor Hawke And Doctor Fate

Friendships in comic books tend to transcend differences in powersets. If heroes only hung out with other heroes who had the same powers as them, Superman and Batman never would have worked together.

One of the more unique friendships in DC is the one that has grown between Connor Hawke and Doctor Fate. The master archer and the mystical representative of the Lords of Order don’t have a lot in common but they make a surprisingly good duo.

5 Green Arrow And Captain America

While this practice has certainly become extinct in more recent years, there was a time that DC Comics and Marvel Comics crossed over on a semi-regular basis. This led to some interesting partnerships and friendships that aren’t seen anymore.

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A difficult one was definitely Green Arrow and Captain America. While Cap has always stylized himself as someone fighting for the American Dream, Green Arrow has no love for the government or any similar institutions. Still, they managed to form somewhat of a bond during their time together.

4 Red Arrow And Damian Wayne

There are some superhero names that have been used by a number of people, a big one being Doctor Fate. But there have also been a couple of people to go by the name Red Arrow over the years, including Oliver Queen’s half-sister Emiko Queen.

Under the name Red Arrow, Emiko worked alongside her brother as a heroic archer. After joining the Teen Titans and being exposed to the wider world of superheroes, she became friends with the always acerbic and often difficult Damian Wayne, which didn’t add up given their personalities.

3 Arsenal And Hawk

The first of Green Arrow’s sidekicks was a young man named Roy Harper. He certainly went through a lot of rough patches during his time as a hero, though Harper did eventually find a way back and took the name Arsenal.

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Hawk, on the other hand, has been a difficult hero, and sometimes villain, throughout his career. Without Dove around, Hawk goes off the deep end pretty quickly and starts causing some real damage. It ends up being something Arsenal can relate to.

2 Black Canary And Catwoman

The current Black Canary, Dinah Lance, has become one of the top hand-to-hand fighters in DC Comics. She has studied with the best and has trained more than a few heroes, as well. But she doesn’t always associate with other heroes.

Her time with the Birds of Prey has helped her build some odd alliances, particularly with Catwoman. At this point, Catwoman is neither a hero nor a villain. She’s simply Catwoman. But at least Black Canary knows that Catwoman will have her back when needed even if they aren’t traditionally team players.

1 Green Arrow And Batman

If there were ever two heroes who should not be friends, they are Green Arrow and Batman. Frankly, Batman and Superman make more sense than these two do, and that’s saying a lot.

Green Arrow can be an arrogant, obnoxious loudmouth, which are generally qualities that drive Batman nuts. Despite that, they share a special bond of being non-powered heroes in a world of gods and monsters. It’s important they work together simply to survive.

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