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Allowing players to explore and build bases on an alien planet, Subnautica is a game that is almost entirely dominated by an aquatic landscape. It has several beautiful biomes, a variety of unique fauna, and even signs of intelligent life having once inhabited the planet. Playing as Ryley Robinson, players need to find out why their ship crashed and how to get off the planet—all while surviving in a hostile environment.

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One of the game’s more recognized features is its base building system. Players are encouraged to build their own underwater structures to serve as safe points while exploring, and the system itself allows for a decent amount of customization. Players can furnish their living space with items like posters, a handful of toys, and plastic replicas. One such toy depicts the famous YouTuber known as Markiplier, which can only be obtained if players acquire a specific blueprint. So this will be a quick guide on how to get it.

The doll is not automatically given to the player nor can it be looted from the environment like other decorations in the game. Instead, players will need to gain the schematic for an “Unusual Doll” by locating lifepod 7 and scanning the miniature bobblehead within.

This lifepod is located within the Crag Fields, a biome that is dominated by large geographic formations that look like stone spikes or hills. Players will likely receive coordinates to this location if they have access to a radio and either enter the Aurora’s prawn suit bay or by spending several hours in-game. This lifepod was noted to have a broken fabricator, causing the crewmember aboard to use trial and error to get anything useful.

When the lifepod is located, players should head inside of it to loot the abandoned PDA and scan the unusual doll that should be located on the floor of the pod. The crewmember was apparently trying to fabricate a battery and got a toy instead. This is also a good time to loot other decorative items like a toy car, a gray cap, and a microscope.

With the unusual doll blueprint obtained, all players need is to obtain one titanium and one glass to craft the miniature Markiplier doll. It comes with red hair, black shoes, and even a tiny pink “wharfstache” logo on the shirt. When payers click on the doll’s giant head, it should voice out some of Markiplier’s more memorable lines or a high-pitched version of his outro.

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Subnautica is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch

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