Too Hot To Handle: What Bryce Hirschberg Is Up To In 2021

Bryce Hirschberg is a Too Hot To Handle alum who rose to fame last year when the show was a breakout hit during the pandemic, and we’re ready to share information about what he’s up to this year. Although some of the other cast members might be more famous, Bryce’s piano playing and love of all things nautical left a big impression on fans. Since the show, he’s been making moves in his career and his love life.

Bryce left Too Hot To Handle single because his fling with Chloe Veitch didn’t work out on the show. However, shortly after filming wrapped, he struck up a romance with another co-star, Nicole O’Brien. The couple only went Instagram official after the show aired in April 2020, but had reportedly been dating since April 2019. They split in June 2020, only a month after announcing their relationship on social media. Since then, Bryce has not had any public romances. He made a splash by singing and playing piano on the show. Bryce has been pursuing a music career since the show aired.

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In 2021, Bryce is living it up on his boat, releasing new music and hanging out with his Too Hot To Handle co-stars. He currently lives in Los Angeles and recently turned 31. Bryce has been releasing music under the name Bryc since January 2021, when his first single “Midnight Mystery” dropped on Spotify. He has since released three more singles, “Crazy Girl,” “Muse,” and “Body.” While he’s focused on producing and directing films in the past, he seems committed to his new career as a musician. While he may not have as many Instagram followers as some of his co-stars, Bryce does do some sponsored ads. His partnerships are with Cut Energy, Zebra CBD, and Fashion Nova Man. He also supports bikini model Francesca Farago’s brand Farago The Label and posts pictures wearing the company’s swimwear.

Besides making music, Bryce frequently travels and parties with his Too Hot To Handle friends. He is particularly close with Sharron Townsend, Francesca, and Lydia Clyma. He and Sharron danced together on TikTok last September when Sharron came to Los Angeles to visit. Bryce was hanging out with Francesca and her friend Corin Jamie-Lee this week in LA. The three posted stories of them dancing together and drinking Don Julio at a club. Bryce also loves traveling to tropical destinations like Cabo San Lucas and Tulum. A big fan of the ocean, Bryce can often be spotted near the beach or on a boat.

While Bryce’s love life might be up in the air at the moment, he’s a popular cast member clearly living his best life. Now that Too Hot To Handle season 2 has been announced, we’ll have to see if he has his eye on any of the new contestants. He’ll never fail to entertain us with music and hot pics. Fans also love his attempts to tell the time.

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