Kate Winslet Reacts To SNL’s Hilarious Mare of Easttown Parody

Kate Winslet shares her reaction to Saturday Night Live’s take on Mare of Easttown. Winslet played the title character in Mare of Easttown, starring as a detective who tries to keep her life from falling apart while also investigating the murder of a local teenage girl. The limited series, from writer Brad Ingelsby and director Craig Zobel, steadily gained traction throughout its seven installments and its finale garnered the distinction of becoming HBO Max’s most-watched episode ever. The show is nominated for 16 Emmys in total, including a nod for Winslet as part of the Lead Actress in a Limited Series category.

SNL got on the Mare of Easttown train relatively early, however. Back when Elon Musk hosted the long-running sketch comedy program, on May 8, an absurdist spin on Mare of Easttown was included. Known as “Murdur Durdur”, the parody garnered plenty of attention online. In the parody, which poked fun at the unique accent spoken by Winslet, Kate McKinnon played the titular detective while Musk appeared in the role of a potential suspect. Winslet has now shared her thoughts on “Murdur Durdur”, confessing that she’s quite the fan.

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During an interview with EW, Winslet revealed that she’s seen the Mare of Easttown parody more than once. The actress also noted that she felt quite validated by the sketch, even going as far as to offer a recommendation of another spoof that she found to be hilarious. You can read Winslet’s quote below:

“I have never felt so validated as an actor in my entire life as I now do because of Murdur Durdur. Every now and then in our household we’ll be like, ‘Oh, should we just quickly watch it?’ And we’ll crowd around the iPhone crying with laughter. This is almost as hilarious as Murder Durdur and I encourage everybody to Google ‘Gogglebox Mare of Easttown’ and there’s about a seven-minute segment that covers episode 5 that is so screamingly funny.”

Considering Winslet’s role in Titanic, one of the most successful films of all time, the Oscar winner is no stranger to humorous takes on her dramatic work. But, in a certain sense, particularly for Mare of Easttown, it can be affirming. SNL likely wouldn’t have featured a full-blown segment on the HBO series if it didn’t trust that the jokes and references would be accessible to a wide audience. This serves as an indication, that less than halfway through its run, Mare of Easttown was already grabbing hold of the cultural conversation. And, on the whole, “Murdur Durdur” was a more affectionate spoof than SNL’s mocking of The Undoing.

It remains to be seen whether Mare of Easttown’s popularity leads to a second season. For her part, though she’s said that she would be happy to portray Mare again, Winslet stresses it’s more important to find the right story and tone before moving forward with season 2. Taking into account the relatively diminishing returns of Big Little Lies and True Detective, it could be for the best that the murder mystery remains a limited series. And, in any case, audiences will always have seven great episodes and a few fun parodies to enjoy.

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Source: EW

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