58-year-old Evander Holyfield looked every bit the faded fighter in a horrible first-round comeback loss

Evander Holyfield fell to the floor early in his crossover bout against Vitor Belfort.
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A Triller Fight Club event in Florida this weekend was the weirdest boxing show of the year.
Former MMA champ Vitor Belfort, 44, drilled 58-year-old Evander Holyfield in a single round.
David Haye and fitness entrepreneur Joe Fournier also brought shame on the sport.
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58-year-old Evander Holyfield looked every bit the faded fighter in a horrible first-round comeback loss Saturday during a weird boxing show that should never have taken place.The former UFC champion Vitor Belfort drilled Holyfield in a first-round knockout, landing 11 of his 22 punches against Holyfield’s one, according to Compubox data sent to Insider.Belfort, 44, was never supposed to box the nearly-60 Holyfield, as he was originally scheduled to compete against Oscar de la Hoya in Los Angeles.But de la Hoya tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this month, scuppering the event on short notice.The California athletic commission refused to sanction the show when the event organizer Triller Fight Club scrambled to save its event by bringing Holyfield back to the ring after a 10-year hiatus.Triller, however, appeared to then go commission shopping to find a state in which it could move its entire event with just a week to spare.The Florida athletic commission was happy to host, but the Belfort and Holyfield match showed Triller and the Florida commission were wrong.Video this week showed Holyfield shadow box and punch pads during training.Holyfield is a true legend of the fight game and a two-weight world champion. However, judging from that clip alone, it looked like the pads had beaten him.Against Belfort, he fared worse as his reflexes were gone, and he was knocked to the floor with ease.Watch it here:-ESPN Ringside (@ESPNRingside) September 12, 2021″I wasn’t able to bounce back like I used to,” Holyfield said in a statement sent to Insider. “I let him get too close. But he’s strong, and he pushed me but I wasn’t hurt. I’m not hurt at all.”He then said he’d be interested “in fighting Mike Tyson.”Belfort, meanwhile, wants to box the YouTube creator turned boxer Jake Paul in a $30 million match, yet it is unclear who will fund it.The main event wasn’t the only embarrassment

David Haye and Joe Fournier, who are friends, embraced after their performance.
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The former two-weight boxing champion David Haye and the fitness entrepreneur Joe Fournier earlier in the show also had a match.What they did could hardly be called fighting, though. Some might call it a glorified spar, though this does a disservice to actual sparring – which can be mesmerizing.Haye and Fournier – two friends who were pictured smiling together in Greece earlier this year – looked like they had choreographed a routine.This wasn’t a fight, nor could it really have been called an exhibition.The former president Donald Trump provided alternative commentary for the show, and though he made reference to a baseless claim about a stolen election when talking about bad decisions in boxing, he was right to call the Haye and Fournier farce “strange.”It summed up the bizarre night.

Some of Trump’s comments made more sense than the boxing.
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On Holyfield, Trump said: “That’s probably the last time you will be seeing the great legend of Evander Holyfield, right? Probably the last time, in this capacity.”I hope so,” Trump added. “I hope so.”Sir, so do we.Read the original article on Insider

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