Deathloop: How to Unlock The Mysterious Door in Updaam

Arkane Studios’ new game, Deathloop, offers players a time-based adventure where dying means starting the day over again. To advance the main story, players must use the time loop mechanic to gather intel on enemies and upgrade abilities and weapons. There are also various mysteries to explore and solve throughout the game.

Deathloop has many secrets to discover, some of which are missable or don’t affect the story. Other puzzles need to be solved as part of the main missions, but they can be difficult to figure out or find clues for. In Updaam, one of four areas in the game, there is a Mysterious Door that Colt will not be able to open without a passkey. There is only one way to find the right code for this door, but the password will be random for each player.

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The Mysterious Door can be found down a set of stairs outside the Archives entrance in Updaam. The door requires a passkey that Colt will need to say into the speaker box beside the door. Finding the passkey comes later in the game as part of the Radio Silence mission that revolves around Julianna. Unlocking the Mysterious Door leads to a small area with a cassette and a document that will provide information for diverting power. There is also another locked door that requires 3 passkeys to open: continue the mission to find all the codes.

Radio Silence is a story mission in Deathloop that starts towards the end of the game. The mission begins with Colt heading to the Power Station to defeat enemies, collect batteries and start the two generators inside. Continue with the mission until reaching the Archives building in Updaam. The Archives can only be accessed in the afternoon when the shutters are open. Players can enter by sliding under the partially open garage shutter. Go all the way up to the top floor and enter the AEON Archival Office.

There are a few documents to collect inside the AEON Archival Office. The passkey for the Mysterious Door can be found on a piece of paper sticking out of a bookshelf on the left side of the room. The phrase for unlocking the door is randomized, but the location is always the same. After discovering the password, players can head out of the Archives and down to the Mysterious Door. Interact with the speaker to say the passkey and open the door.

Inside the Mysterious Door, there is a cassette to the right and a document pinned next to another locked door. Reading the document will provide Colt with a code to divert the power (and continue the mission). The second RAK door requires 3 passkeys to open, and they are found in different locations during the rest of the mission. The Mysterious Door can be found early in the game, but it remains locked until players start Radio Silence. Updaam’s Mysterious Door is just one of many puzzles to solve in Deathloop.

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Deathloop is available now on Playstation 5 and PC.

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