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Taniks, the Abomination, is the final boss of the Deep Stone Crypt raid in Destiny 2, making his final stand against the Guardians. Taniks is a reoccurring character in Destiny lore and has been “defeated” multiple times. Taniks was thought to be killed twice by the iconic Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard who perished at the hands of Uldren Sov in the Forsaken expansion.

To defeat Taniks, the Scanner, Operator, and Suppression mods will need to be utilized once more. The Scanner will have to point to the correct devices to planet Nuclear Cores into. The devices themselves are split into thirds across the map, with two in each third. These areas are marked by orange (Suppressor), blue (Scanner), and white (Operator) light. The Operator will have to shoot Fireteam members out of a purple bubble, and the Suppressor will have to keep Taniks stunned. There will be no Champions in this encounter. For the damage phase, this encounter will definitely benefit from having a Warlock with Lunafaction Boots and a Well of Radiance. Rocket Launchers with Lasting Impression, Fusion Rifles, and Divinity are all excellent choices as well.

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At the beginning of the encounter, split the Fireteam up into three teams of two, stationed at each third of the map. Like the encounters before, enemies will spawn that drop the appropriate mods. Make sure to have a weapon with precision accuracy equipped, like the Darkest Before Pulse Rifle. Once the Scanner receives their mod, they need to peak around the arena quickly to see which two devices are lit up. They can be identified by something like “left-blue,” “orange-right,” “both-white,” etc. Each mod has the possibility of being defunct, and if that happens that pair should head to an Augmentation Terminal to deposit and retrieve the mod. The next step is to survive a bit longer, he’ll fire multiple wide beams of purple light. Damage two out of four of Taniks’s thrusters and he’ll drop two Nuclear Cores. Do not damage more than two.

Two players without mods should run in and grab the Nuclear Cores to bring them to the devices that the Scanner called out earlier. They’ll be slowed, and will require protection. A Radiation debuff appears, and once the stack reaches ten the player holding the core will die. It’s best to carry the core as far as possible, and then switch off to the next player. Consider using the new Season of the Lost weapons to protect the Nuclear Core holder. The player with the Scanner mod can grab a core, but under no circumstances should the Suppressor or Operator be grabbing a Nuclear Core. Depositing the Nuclear Cores will cause a random mod to become defunct.

The Operator will need to reach a clear vantage point to see both Nuclear Core runners. A purple orb will surround and immobilize them, and they can only be saved by the Operator. While the cores are being deposited, the Suppressor is going to be underneath a white-ballon-like object in whatever area Taniks is in. The Suppressor will stun Taniks by shooting at him, allowing the Nuclear Core runners to have more time. Repeat this process twice to deliver four Nuclear Cores and the damage phase will begin.

Consider using the Ascendancy Rocket Launcher for the damage phase, as Taniks will spawn two rings around himself. The outer wring will be swirling junk that kills instantly when he’s touched, and the inner is full of electricity. Get in the space between the two rings to damage him. The Fireteam will have three tries to get Taniks’s health down to the last 20 percent bar, otherwise, the team will wipe. In the last 20 percent of his health, Taniks will enter a rampage mode and teleport across the three areas. He’ll be summoning the three purple rings again, but he can be damaged throughout this last phase. Defeat Taniks to complete the Deep Stone Crypt raid in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.

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