Lizzo Wants to Star Alongside Chris Evans in The Bodyguard Remake

Lizzo says that she wants to star alongside Chris Evans in the remake of the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner romantic-thriller The Bodyguard. The original Bodyguard released in 1992 and starred Costner as a former Secret Service agent who was hired to protect Houston’s Rachel Marron – an acclaimed actress and singer- from a stalker. The film became the second-highest grossing film of that year, despite being critically panned. So maligned was the film that it went on to be nominated for seven Golden Raspberries, including Worst Picture, Worst Actress for Houston, and Worst Actor for Costner; however the film’s soundtrack was nominated for three Grammys, winning three including Album of the Year.

Originally penned in the 1970s as a vehicle for Steve McQueen and Diana Ross, rumours of a remake of The Bodyguard have been circulating for a while now. However, the remake was officially confirmed to be in development at Warner Bros. yesterday, with Tony award-nominated playwright Matthew Lopez hired to produce the script. While no information of a cast has yet been announced, a few on-screen combinations have been floated including Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, and Channing Tatum and Cardi B.

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Lizzo has now thrown her hat into the ring to star in The Bodyguard remake and has even suggested her co-star be former Captain America Chris Evans. Taking to her TikTok, Lizzo shared a few tweets pitching her and Evans as the stars of the remake as nodded in agreement. She also wrote “What y’all think?” alongside a smirk emoji. You can check out Lizzo’s Twitter and TikTok responses below:

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At this point, Lizzo’s pairing with Chris Evans has almost become a meme. In April, the Grammy award-winning artist revealed that she had drunkenly slid into Evan’s Instagram DMs, which Evans had responded to in good humor. Likewise, last month she jokingly started a rumor on Twitter that she was pregnant with Evans’ child, to which the actor responded saying “Hi! Just heard about our little bundle of joy. My mother will be so happy lol. “(Just promise me no gender reveal parties lol).” This in turn led to even more jokes between the two.

While it’s something of a joke for Lizzo and Evans to star alongside one another, considering their shared humor and online-chemistry it wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Lizzo has proven herself to be an accomplished actress through her appearance in Hustlers, and has recently pitched herself to have a role in Disney’s live-action remake of Hercules. The pair would undoubtedly make a fun pairing for The Bodyguard remake, and while Warner Bros probably have a number of great pairings in mind for the remake, they hopefully won’t overlook the opportunity to capitalize on a pairing as ready-made as Lizzo and Evans.

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Source: Lizzo; Twitter and TikTok

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