One stop in Norristown brings a chance to connect to food, job contacts, and other aid

The remnants of Hurricane Ida brought damaging floods to the Riverside Apartments in Norristown. So now, Janet Evans is stranded in her own community.

Her depression is kicking in, she says, and she’s trying to take it one day at a time — which is why she ventured to a parking lot at the corner of Dekalb and Airy streets on a sunny Saturday morning.

“I’m looking for help. I need help to find a place. I’m trying to find something, but there’s nothing available. I guess because after the flood, everybody’s doing the same thing, looking for somewhere to go. And there’s nowhere to go,” Evans said.

In that parking lot on Saturday, the job and resource fair organized by the Montgomery County Office of the Public Defender had a dual purpose: It was a free food distribution hub for the day for anyone, without questions about need, and there were opportunities for the many who gathered with resumes in hand to talk with local businesses and organizations about job opportunities.

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