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The Fast and Furious franchise returned for its ninth film with this year’s and how great they were. And I’m just over here with Justin Lin pitching young Dom series. It’s right there. I’m an exec, what do you pitch? What do you want to see as a prequel?

Vinnie Bennett: Young Dom series? Man, there’s so much we could do. I feel like we could keep jumping back with Jack.  There’s Letty there; you can see how he meets Vince, Jesse, all those characters from the first one. Learn how he gets his red RX-7 that he’s driving in the first one. Yeah. There’s so much that we can dig into. I hope that we do.

JD Pardo: Yeah, it’s cool. You get to see how the characters, the inception, right?

Vinnie Bennett: Yeah, yeah. What they were doing.

JD Pardo: Maybe they met at the arcade.

Vinnie Bennett: Yeah. The ice cream parlor or whatever.

Well, we are nearing the end of the main saga. I keep saying main saga because there’s going to be spinoffs and stuff, I’m sure of it. What’s something you guys would like to see in these last two movies?

JD Pardo: Oh, I just want to see how far they can keep going.

How do you top going to space?

Vinnie Bennett: That’s the thing. 

JD Pardo: We were talking about that maybe you get transported now. I don’t know.

Vinnie Bennett: Aliens. I don’t know. I was reading something about them crossing with either Jurassic Park or Transformers. I don’t know, but personally, I would like to see for the final two, or even the final one, is everyone from all of the movies, all of the villains come together and they try to take them down. And then you’ve got the Rock come back in just a big kind of Avengers assemble moment. (laughter) 

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