Why Kingpin Is Declaring All-Out War On Marvel Heroes

Why is Kingpin declaring war on Marvel’s heroes? In a new and exciting MCU-style timeline announcement from Marvel Comics, Mayor Wilson Fisk will be outlawing superheroes in New York in the upcoming Devil’s Reign event, potentially risking his position in public office in an all-out brawl that’s been a long time coming. It’s safe to say that as much as Kingpin has apparently grown tired of Marvel’s heroes and their constant interference, it’s been evident in recent issues that they’re likewise done with New York’s corrupt mayor having been so untouchable for so long.

In Marvel’s Secret Empire event in 2017, Wilson Fisk was elected the Mayor of New York, having cashed in multiple favors and the goodwill he had accrued while the city was trapped in a Darkforce bubble thanks to Hydra. Since that time, Wilson Fisk has been leading the city while also managing New York’s organized crime as its Kingpin. However, more recent comics have actually seen him taking a step back as a criminal leader, though he’s still been pursuing his own dark goals on the side like attempting to kill both Daredevils, brainwashing Bullseye as his own dark assassin, and manipulating other criminals like the Thunderbolts to do his bidding or having his equally evil son resurrected in the Spider-Man: King’s Ransom storyline.

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That’s not to say that Fisk has been without his losses the last few years. Not only was he blackmailed by the rich and powerful siblings known as the Stromwyns, who nearly destroyed Hell’s Kitchen to ruin his reputation, but Marvel’s King in Black generated some pretty bad optics as well with Fisk feeling a major lack of control as symbiotes took over New York. Now, with Bullseye and a collection of his clones having broken free and putting the entire city on lockdown, Fisk fears that his city is dying. However, the upcoming Devil’s Reign event from Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto suggests that Fisk won’t be taking the blame for any of his city’s struggles by choosing to instead deflect the cause of New York’s woes onto its heroes, deciding to have them all outlawed.

According to Marvel’s announcement for Devil’s Reign, banning the heroes of New York won’t be the only thing Fisk has planned, as he’ll be releasing all the intel and secrets he’s collected on each of the heroes. This is most likely in the hopes of turning the city and public perceptions against them. Not only that, but he’ll also be “pitting Daredevil, Elektra, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and many more against his Thunderbolt agents,” indicating that the majority of Marvel’s New York-based heroes will be joining the fight against the Kingpin-turned-mayor. However, one has to wonder if the X-Men will be getting involved as well, seeing as how their new treehouse headquarters is based near Central Park.

While Fisk certainly seems to have a plan to get rid of his city’s heroes, it’s quite likely that this event will be the evil mayor’s last hurrah before he’s finally kicked out of office. A ban on superheroes seems as though it could very well be the jump that goes too far, leading to an epic send-off before Wilson Fisk inevitably returns to his usual role in New York as Marvel’s Kingpin.

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