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Pretty much everyone at one point or another has used humor as a way of diffusing a frustrating argument. Those who rely on humor to handle difficult situtations related to Syngin, who often dealt with his relationship issues with Tania through humor.

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A favorite moment of Syngin’s humor occured during a fight when Tania bemoaned what she perceived to be Syngin’s lack of ambition. When Tania said that Syngin needed to “level up,” Syngin’s response of, “This isn’t Super Mario Brothers” was the perfect tension diffuser to their repetitive argument. Syngin’s laid-back attitude and kind-hearted personality endeared viewers to the relatable South African.

Molly first became part of the 90 Day Fiancé family in season 5 as the partner to Luis. While this 90 Day Fiancé marriage was doomed from the start and did not last for a number of reasons, Molly resonated with many fans of the reality TV series. Her desire for her children to get along with her new husband is an obstacle that many people go through. Also, Molly’s adorable friendship with bestie Cynthia was a relationship that a lot of viewers related to. Molly’s exhaustion and frustration at a romance gone wrong was also relatable for those who have found themselves in a similarly draining situation.

Like so many married people, Pedro has the tough but relatable task of balancing his wife, his in-laws, and his own family, all of which present their unique challenges. Pedro and Chantel’s families do not get along, putting Pedro in the middle of two warring groups. Pedro also has an obligation to his family, always supporting them when they need anything.

Pedro’s dedication and loyalty to his family are something many viewers can understand. As Pedro has become more financially stable throughout his run on 90 Day Fiancé and the meme-generating spinoff The Family Chantel, he tries his best to help his family back in the Dominican Republic. This is something most tight-knit families go through themselves.

Tiffany is a beloved cast member of 90 Day Fiancé who first came of notice in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Tiffany in many ways takes care of her kids on her own, because her husband, Ronald, lives in South Africa. Tiffany’s juggling of work and kids is something any single mom can relate to. Also, Tiffany is super approachable, and she comes across as caring and loyal. But like anyone, Tiffany has her limits. She can be sweet and amiable, but she does not tolerate any sort of disrespect. When anyone steps out of line with her, she instantly puts them back in their place.

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