90 Day Fiancé: The Most Wholesome Families In The Franchise

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise has featured many families over the years, and some of them cope better than others with the shifting situations depicted on the show. There are families in the franchise who crumble under the weight of the stress and difficulties they encounter. However, there are others who remain a wholesome example of a loving and resilient 90 Day Fiancé family.

The cast members from the franchise often undergo difficult times on the show, as their journey involves at least one partner uprooting their entire lives. That’s bound to put a strain on a family, and it’s not uncommon for cast members’ children, other relatives, and friends to show significant pushback to the foreign partner. In many relationships, getting along with a partner’s children can be enormously difficult and completely essential. In the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, there has been more than one occasion where a cast member’s family has derailed their plans.

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However, there have been other relationships on the show where foreign partners got more acceptance, and fans appreciate seeing a wholesome family on the show. These cast members’ families are a great example of parents who love and accept their kids, creating a happy and supportive home. The cast members might not be perfect, but their family dynamic is spot on.

When Rose dated Big Ed Brown on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, one of the biggest complaints from fans about Ed was his dismissiveness towards Rose’s adorable son Prince. Ed didn’t seem to care much about being a father again and that was a big problem for Rose. Eventually, she kicked Big Ed to the curb. Now, she and Prince seem happier than ever. Rose has been accomplishing goals left and right and building a better life for her and her son.

Elizabeth and Andrei may be a controversial couple, but when they’re joined by their daughter Eleanor, the three become an adorable family. Although the pair are often embroiled in explosive conflicts on the show, on social media Elizabeth, Andrei, and Eleanor are a cute family who seems to be miles away from the drama fans expect from them in the franchise. It’s clear Andrei and Elizabeth love their daughter to pieces, and it shows in their family photos.

Angela is another divisive cast member who gets criticism for her over-the-top behavior on the show but praise for how she loves and takes care of her six grandchildren. Though viewers are split on Angela, her grandkids love having their Meemaw so present in their lives. Angela’s antics go over well with the grandkids and they delight in her jokes and stories. Angela is problematic in a lot of ways, but her grandma abilities are top-notch.

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Though Matt and Alla had a rocky start on 90 Day Fiancé, the two have been thriving in recent years and growing their happy family. Matt is devoted to raising Alla’s son Max from a previous relationship and Matt and Alla recently had a baby together. On social media, the couple appears to be happier than ever, and it’s possibly due to how well their family is doing. Matt and Alla have created a beautiful blended family, and it’s heartwarming to see.

Yara’s pregnancy was definitely a surprise for her and Jovi, but after baby Mylah was born, the two have grown into loving, dedicated parents. Fans can’t get enough of the family’s photos on social media and are glad to see Yara and Jovi adapting so well to their new life with a baby. Recently, Jovi and Yara celebrated Mylah’s first birthday, and it’s hard to believe it has already been a year since the couple welcomed their baby girl into their lives.

When Anny first arrived in America to be with Robert, viewers had their doubts about her intentions. However, Robert’s son Bryson took an immediate shine to Anny and she clearly cared about the boy as well. Though there were fans who didn’t think Robert and Anny would make it down the aisle, the couple got married and have been growing their family ever since. They welcomed a daughter, Brenda Aaliyah, last year, and Robert and Anny had their second child together, a boy named Adriel Hassan, last month.

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As one of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise’s favorite couples, Kenneth and Armando, plus Armando’s adorable daughter Hannah, are one of the best families on the show. Hannah seems remarkably well-adjusted after the loss of her mother and it’s probably because she knows how loved she is by Armando and Kenneth. The three often post cute family photos on Instagram that fans can’t seem to get enough of, and it’s no surprise that the two dads get a lot of praise for the job they’re doing raising their daughter.

Loren and Alexei are beloved by fans for being one of the most relatable and inspiring couples on the show. After welcoming their second child, the 90 Day Fiancé stars are giving fans the feels. There were some issues with the birth of their premature second child, but the baby is doing well now and his parents appreciate and cherish him even more. The family of four regularly posts to Instagram and their followers appreciate the glimpse into the life of this happy family.

Kalani and Asuelu’s two sons weren’t exactly planned pregnancies, but that doesn’t stop their parents from loving them to pieces. Though there are definitely issues in the Faagata-Pulaa household, like Asuelu’s family’s penchant for creating drama, a lack of love isn’t one of them. In the couple’s Instagram posts and TikTok videos, fans have seen what a wholesome family the four are. It’s clear that despite their financial and extended family struggles, Kalani, Asuelu, and the two boys are an adorable family unit.

These 90 Day Fiancé families are an inspiration to viewers who can see how much the cast members value a home full of love. With great parents and great kids, these families set the bar for adorableness and are the most wholesome the franchise has to offer.

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