Kate Scott ready to continue shattering glass ceilings as first female announcer for the 76ers

Play-by-play announcer Kate Scott has broken a ton of barriers. Scott is the first woman to call a Golden State Warriors game, the first woman to call an NFL game on the radio, and over the summer, she made her Olympic broadcasting debut as the play-by-play voice of men’s and women’s basketball in Tokyo.

Kate Scott is the new and first female television voice of the Philadelphia 76ers on NBC Sports Philadelphia. She takes over where Marc Zumoff left off when he retired in June and is teaming up with analyst Alaa Abdelnaby. Morning Edition host Jennifer Lynn recently asked her to take us back to when she first leaned in to the wide world of sports.

I’m a girl who grew up loving sports, playing every sport, watching sports, playing with all the boys at recess, then coming home and playing sports with all the guys on my street, called a tomboy growing up. And since I was a little kid, I was just told, “You don’t belong here. This isn’t for you.” But I loved it, so I kept at it. And thankfully I had really supportive parents who told me I could do anything.

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