Meet Philly’s pair of hungry hippos that just became TikTok famous

Two hippopotamuses from Philadelphia have become TikTok famous.

A viral video taken at the Philadelphia Zoo has amassed millions of views overnight, where the pair are chomping on whole pumpkins, resulting in satisfying crunches, and general delight for users of the popular social media app.

Kory Aversa is behind the video of the two hippos. He’s a public relations contractor who posted it on his personal TikTok account, @phillybestlife. He said he was surprised at the rapid growth in views that progressed all night into Thursday morning.

“I’d be totally lying if I said I slept last night, because I didn’t sleep at all,” said Aversa in an interview Thursday. “It went by 10,000 views every five minutes by the time that I even tried to go to bed last night at around midnight or one o’clock, it was hitting a hundred thousand views every fifteen minutes. It was amazing.”

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