Selling Sunset: Everything Jason Has Said About Chrishell Romance

Since Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause from Selling Sunset began dating, Jason has had nothing but nice things to say about his new girlfriend. The pair met in 2018 when they began filming season 1 of the Netflix reality series. At the time, Chrishell was married to then-husband Justin Hartley, and Jason was enjoying his bachelor life. Their relationship was nothing more than business when the two entered each other’s lives.

When Chrishell revealed Justin filed for divorce, Jason was there for her with open arms. He was a friend to her when she needed it most and even defended her when costars Davina Potratz and Christine Quinn tried to make Chrishell seem like she was the bad guy in the divorce. Almost a year after Chrishell’s divorce was announced, she began dating Dancing With the Stars professional dancer Keo Motsepe. After that relationship didn’t work out, Jason and Chrishell thought they’d give their relationship a try.

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When Jason and Chrishell first announced they were dating over the summer, the broker opened up about going from coworkers to friends to partners. “Chrishell and I became close friends, and it has developed into an amazing relationship,” Jason told Us Weekly at the time. “I care about her deeply, and we’re very happy together.” After the couple had been dating in the public for a while, Jason also admitted he and Chrishell only told a few close friends before the whole world knew. He added that some of their Oppenheim Group colleagues also knew of the relationship, but some didn’t find out until they announced it on social media. “Overall, everyone was really supportive,” he explained. Luckily, no one in the office was worried about Chrishell getting special treatment now that she was dating the boss.

As for season 5, Jason admitted he and Chrishell will discuss their relationship in further detail. He said the pair were “pretty open and pretty honest” about their relationship and where it plans to go. Jason added it was easy for them to be together both on and off camera since there is a lot of trust between them. However, what helped the couple build such a successful relationship is that they were close friends before things got romantic. Jason and Chrishell had a foundation for their relationship based on a years-long friendship, which allowed them to make an easy transition to boyfriend and girlfriend. Jason explained the pair had to be open about what they were looking for with each other since they were such good friends. Luckily, the transition is done, and Jason has now said he is in love with her.

Since the couple started dating, Jason has had nothing but nice things to say about Chrishell. The Selling Sunset stars have clearly developed a strong, loving relationship since they realized they had feelings for one another. Chrishell was able to rid Jason of his bachelor life and get him to commit to a serious relationship.

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Source: Us Weekly

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