Daredevil Reveals The Origin of Elektra’s Famous Weapons

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Daredevil: The Woman Without Fear #1

The iconic weapons wielded by Elektra has become a mainstay for the character with Elektra even adapting the weapons to fit her persona as Marvel Comics’ new Daredevil. The Twin Sai Elektra famously uses have become something of batons since she became the non-lethal Daredevil, proving that she will never be without the weapons even if she doesn’t intend on using them for their created purpose. Now, fans know exactly why Elektra almost exclusively uses Twin Sai as her origins with the weapons are fully explained in her brand new comic title. 

In Daredevil: The Woman Without Fear #1 by Chip Zdarsky and Rafael De Latorre, Elektra is haunted by her past as the woman who first recruited her to the Hand many years ago has made a return. When she was younger, Elektra was trained by Stick to fight for the Chaste against the Hand, though his training was abusive and severe. Elektra was approached by a member of the Hand named Aka who converted Elektra to the deadly ninja clan while continuing her training in their style. 

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When Elektra was finished with her training as a member of the Hand, Aka gifted her the Twin Sai which she first used to murder members of the Hand who were too weak to remain members of the clan. The origin of Elektra’s usage of the Twin Sai is with the Hand, as she was given the weapons by her recruiter and used them to murder someone the very moment she received them. The dark origins of the deadly weapons are a perfect one for the murderous Elektra, and makes the fact that she still wields a version of the Twin Sai as Daredevil that much more impactful. 

As Daredevil, Elektra swore to Matt Murdock that she would not murder anyone using his name, though she still uses a non-lethal version of her signature weapons in her fight against crime in Hell’s Kitchen. Now that fans know the Twin Sai are linked to Elektra’s time with the Hand, it is apparent that she still wields the weapons as a constant reminder of how far she has come from the darkness, and how she will never allow herself to fall back in. The fact that she uses Twin Sai as Daredevil is an even greater indication of that theory, using the weapons she once used to murder her enemies as a member of the Hand to bring justice to New York in a non-lethal way. 

Regardless of why Elektra continues to use the Twin Sai (whether they’re used for killing or not) fans now know the exact moment she used them for the first time and the significance they hold in her life. Daredevil reveals the origin of Elektra’s famous weapons while reminding fans of how far she has come from a deadly villain to a fully developed hero.

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