Aaron Rodgers Sidelined with Ankle Injury in New York Jets Debut”

East Radford, NJ – In his fourth snap of the season, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers left the field on Monday night against the Buffalo Bills due to a left ankle injury.

Rodgers spent a few minutes in the injury tent before being loaded onto a cart for transport to the locker room, just before leaving the field. He emerged from the cart and limped into the locker room through a tunnel in the midfield.

The Jets initially announced it as an ankle injury, casting doubt on his return, but later ruled Rodgers out for the rest of the game.

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Rodgers was seen entering the X-ray room with his left foot in a boot. According to the Jets, the X-rays on the ankle came back negative.

In a sideline interview with ESPN’s Lisa Salters, Jets head coach Robert Saleh said they were still evaluating Rodgers and “we’ll find out more later.”

The atmosphere at MetLife Stadium, which had started the night with high Super Bowl aspirations, went quiet and deflated as Rodgers received help off the field after leaving in a cart with a boot on his left foot.

With Rodgers sidelined for the Jets’ first 43 snaps, 38-year-old backup tackle Duane Brown, who had been limited in the summer due to a shoulder injury, was beaten by defensive end Leonard Floyd for a sack. Brown went down quickly and his leg appeared to buckle, giving Floyd a clear path to Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers faced the challenge of dealing with a left ankle injury just four games into his New York debut, which the Jets had described as a “boo-boo.” Michael Owens/Gatey Images
39-year-old Rodgers attempted to escape Floyd’s grasp. During the attempt, his left ankle turned awkwardly. He went down and Jets medical personnel rushed to his side.

Jaech Wilson replaced Rodgers in the game, taking over the backup responsibilities when the Jets acquired Rodgers in the offseason. Wilson was a 2021 second-round draft pick who saw limited action last season.

Rodgers’ injury occurred in the same foot in which he had suffered a minor injury earlier in the offseason, missing some practice time due to a strain in the left calf muscles. The training camp injury appeared to have healed, as he hadn’t missed any practice time.

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