Richard Jewell is back in the headlines he never sought in a big way with Clint Eastwood‘s new movie on Jewell’s life and the false accusations that he was the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bomber. The film is called Richard Jewell. Jewell’s story has long been considered a parable of mediaRead More →

David Ford was visiting Drake’s Bay on the coast of Northern California when he saw what appeared to be thousands of severed penises washed up on the shore. They 10-inch-long pink creatures turned out to be innkeeper worms which are also known as “penis fish”. “I had no idea whatRead More →

SOKRATIS PAPASTATHOPOULOS warns that suffering Arsenal are ready to explode against Manchester City on Sunday. The Gunners’ Greek international defender is convinced his team-mates are on the brink of reversing the club’s worst slump in years. Sokratis has warned Manchester City that Arsenal are ready to explode and play dirtyPA:PressRead More →