Sonora, CA — As California begins a new water year with what looks like a bit of rain in the immediate forecast after months of below-average precipitation, Clarke Broadcasting tapped state water officials for some perspective, looking back and ahead. As water-years run from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, theRead More →

Jamestown, CA — Sandblasting may inconvenience residents in the area of the Jamestown Reservoir this week. According to Tuolumne Water District (TUD) officials, ongoing work relating to the district’s Jamestown Reservoir replacement project will take a noisy, dusty turn Tuesday through Thursday for residents near the vicinity of the locationRead More →

Christine Blasey Ford has identified three other people as being present at the party where she says Brett Kavanaugh groped her without her consent: Leland Keyser, Patrick Smyth, and Mark Judge. She alleges that Judge, Kavanaugh’s high school friend, was a witness to the alleged non-consensual groping. She says KeyserRead More →

The FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh is on, and it’s already revealing some information that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who listened to his testimony last week. According to one classmate of Kavanaugh’s, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee exhibited “violent drunk behavior” while attending Yale University. Charles Ludington traveledRead More →