Ben Shelton is confident that he can “shake things up” for Novak Djokovic as both athletes gear up for the highly anticipated US Open semifinal.

Despite being at different stages of their careers, Ben Shelton and Novak Djokovic are both expecting for a thrilling matchup in the US Open quarterfinals this Friday. Djokovic defeated Taylor Fritz in straight sets to advance in his quest for a record-breaking 24th Grand Slam victory. Shelton, 20, defeated Frances Tiafoe, the 10th seed, to win the all-American quarterfinal match.

They anticipate a challenging battle if Novak Djokovic faces rising American sensation Ben Shelton in the US Open quarterfinals on Friday. Taylor Fritz of the United States was defeated by Djokovic in straight sets as he continued to pursue an unprecedented 24th Grand Slam victory. In the meantime, 20-year-old Shelton beat 10th seed Frances Tiafoe in the all-American quarterfinals.

Djokovic defeated Fritz in straight sets to reach the US Open semifinals. By overcoming Tiafoe, Shelton advanced to his first Grand Slam semifinal.

Despite the fact that Djokovic is 16 years older than Shelton, the young Atlanta star thinks that having never faced Djokovic at the highest level can be an advantage. According to him, “I think whenever you play someone for the first time who has been in this position many times and has been a winner many times, it’s something that stays in your mind.”

“You already know how tough that person is, both physically and mentally. It’s therefore something I must absolutely prepare for. Additionally, I believe that playing against someone new to me will be advantageous for my playing style. I believe I can offer some contributions that you might not see in their typical ATP Tour matches. Therefore, I’ll try to cause some trouble on Friday.

Undoubtedly, the tournament’s biggest story has been Shelton’s voyage to the semifinals, where he made history by being the youngest American to do so in 20 years. However, the path wasn’t without its difficulties. Each of his last three matches required a fourth set, and against Tiafoe, the young player had to put forth effort.

He struggled in the third set tiebreak, losing two set points and handing one to his opponent.

Shelton stated, “I’m looking forward to the chance to return to the semifinals and I’m getting the same sensation that I had today, which was a very tough opponent. I’m having a blast playing tennis, interacting with the spectators, and being out there on the court. I therefore aim to contribute highly again on Friday.

The heat and humidity at Arthur Ashe Stadium will be a challenge for Djokovic and Shelton, who both remarked on the energy of the audience during their respective quarterfinal victories.

During his quarterfinal encounter, Djokovic originally disagreed with a spectator, but then decided to look on the bright side of it. “I truly appreciate that the crowd is interested in the game and that they want to participate in it because it shows that they are enjoying themselves. We strive to put on a show because, in the end, they come and pay for the tickets to watch.

In all of Europe, only Eurosport and Discovery+ will broadcast the 2023 Lever Cup.

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