Question: Our current board is considering enforcing long-standing architectural restrictions that previous boards failed to enforce. Should we grandfather existing violations or enforce the restrictions retroactively? Answer: There is no “one answer fits all.” There is never any automatic “grandfathering.” The board needs to weigh each violation and its importance.Read More →

Home buyers intent on purchasing real estate now can benefit from three significant advantages: Less Competition: The pandemic continues to keep people home and job loss is at record highs. For these and other reasons, the 2020 spring real estate market is not the mass buying frenzy of past years. HomeRead More →

If you haven’t looked at your credit report in a while, it’s probably time to go ahead and pull another free one at This is a site supported by the three main credit repositories, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion and allows consumers to get a free report once per year.Read More →

Deciding to buy property is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. It has many long-term implications and should never be undertaken lightly. The process of buying a property can be mind-boggling as there are so many options out there. One of them is a short sale home. ThisRead More →

The coronavirus has thrown the economy into upheaval and forced us all to reconsider our finances. It’s more important than ever to save money, and we’ve got tips! Read on for a few ways to conserve your cash. Renegotiate Internet and phone service You never know when there’s a betterRead More →

Buying a home is an exciting affair, especially so for first-timers. Those who apply for financing soon jump into a world with somewhat odd terminology and no shortage of players. That’s certainly true. Buying any other asset that takes a bit of financial evaluation typically means making sure you canRead More →

(BPT) – Whether you have an outdoor oasis or are a nurturing indoor plant parent, gardening offers a multitude of benefits and has the power to brighten up any space or mood. Spring is the time to plan what plants to grow, and with some expert insight on top trends,Read More →

You may have heard this before, that you get to skip two payments when refinancing an existing mortgage. Sounds like a pretty good idea, doesn’t it? Take a break from making this month’s mortgage payment plus skipping the next one? Who wouldn’t want that? But let’s take a closer lookRead More →

When you start exploring home loan options, you’re advised to get different rate quotes from different mortgage lenders or mortgage brokers. The rate quote can be provided over the phone but take note that without a loan application and credit scores in hand, the quote is just that- a quote.Read More →

(BPT) – Hardscaping products, including segmental retaining wall units (SRWs) and interlocking concrete pavers, are a landscape’s best friend. Landscape professionals know that hardscapes are the backbone of a great design. Homeowners, too, shouldn’t be afraid to explore do-it-yourself landscape features using hardscape materials. According to the National Association ofRead More →